Basic Configuration
5.3.2. The Invalid Access Lockout Feature
When properly configured and enabled, the Invalid Access Lockout feature will watch
all login attempts made at the Network Port and Serial Ports. If any port exceeds the
selected number of invalid attempts, then that port will be automatically disabled for a
user-defined length of time (Lockout Duration.) The Invalid Access Lockout feature uses
two separate counters to track invalid access attempts:
Serial Port Counter: Counts invalid access attempts at the Serial Ports. If the
number of invalid attempts at a port exceeds the user-defined Lockout Attempts
value, then the port will be locked.
Telnet, SSH and Web Browser Counter: Counts all invalid attempts to access
command mode via Telnet, SSH or Web Browser interface. If the number of
cumulative invalid attempts exceeds the user-defined Lockout Attempts value, then
the Network Port will be locked.
Note that when an Invalid Access Lockout occurs, you can either wait for the Lockout
Duration period to elapse (after which, the RSM-8R4 will automatically reactivate the
port), or you can issue the /UL command (type /UL and press [Enter]) via the Text
Interface to instantly unlock all of the RSM-8R4's logical network ports.
Invalid Access Lockout parameters, defined via the System Parameters
menu, will apply to both the Serial Ports and the Network Port.
When a Serial Port is locked, an external modem connected to that port will
not answer.
When either a Serial Port or the Network Port are locked, other ports will
remain unlocked, unless the Invalid Access Lockout feature has also been
triggered at that port.
If any one of the RSM-8R4’s logical network ports is locked, all other network
connections to the unit will also be locked.
All invalid access attempts at the RSM-8R4 Network Port are cumulative
(the count for invalid access attempts is determined by the total number of
all invalid attempts at all 16 logical network ports.) If a valid login name/
password is entered at any of the logical network ports, then the count for all
RSM-8R4 logical network ports will be restarted.
If the Network Port has been locked by the Invalid Access Lockout feature, it
will still respond to the ping command (providing that the ping command has
not been disabled at the Network Port.)
The Invalid Access menus allow you to select the following:
Lockout Enable: Enables/Disables the Invalid Access Lockout feature.
(Default = On.)
Lockout Attempts: The number of invalid attempts required in order to activate the
Invalid Access Lockout feature. (Default = 9.)
Lockout Duration: The length of time that logical network ports will remain locked
when an Invalid Access Lockout occurs. If the duration is set at "Infinite", then ports
will remained locked until the /UL command is issued. (Default = 30 Minutes.)
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