Basic Configuration
5.3.1. The Real Time Clock and Calendar
The Real Time Clock menu is used to set the RSM-8R4's internal clock and calendar. To
access the Real Time Clock Menu, proceed as follows:
Text Interface: Type /F and press [Enter]. The System Parameters menu will
appear as shown in Figure 5.3. At the System Parameters menu, type 3 and press
[Enter] to display the Real Time Clock menu.
Web Browser Interface: Click on the "Real Time Clock" link on the left hand side of
the screen to access the Real Time Clock menu.
The configuration menu for the Real Time Clock offers the following options:
Date: Sets the Month, Date, Year and day of the week for the RSM-8R4’s real-time
Time: Sets the Hour, Minute and Second for the RSM-8R4’s real time clock/
calendar. Key in the time using the 24-hour (military) format.
Time Zone: Sets the time zone, relative to Greenwich Mean Time. Note that the
Time Zone setting will function differently, depending upon whether or not the NTP
feature is enabled and properly configured. (Default = GMT (No DST).)
NTP Enabled: The Time Zone setting is used to adjust the Greenwich Mean
Time value (received from the NTP server) in order to determine the precise local
time for the selected time zone.
NTP Disabled: If NTP is disabled, or if the RSM-8R4 is not able to access the
NTP server, then status screens and activity logs will list the selected Time Zone
and current Real Time Clock value, but will not apply the correction factor to the
displayed Real Time Clock value.
NTP Enable: When enabled, the RSM-8R4 will contact an NTP server (defined
via the NTP Address prompts) once a day, and update its clock based on the NTP
server time and selected Time Zone. (Default = Off.)
The RSM-8R4 will also contact the NTP server and update the time whenever
you change NTP parameters.
To cause RSM-8R4 to immediately contact the NTP server at any time, make
certain that the NTP feature is enabled and configured, then type /F and
press [Enter]. When the System Parameters menu appears, press [Esc].
The RSM-8R4 will save parameters and then attempt to contact the server, as
specified by currently defined NTP parameters.
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