Basic Configuration
Temperature Format: Determines whether the temperature is displayed as
Fahrenheit or Celsius. (Default = Fahrenheit.)
Temperature Calibration: Used to calibrate the unit's internal temperature sensing
abilities. To calibrate the temperature, place a thermometer inside your equipment
rack, in a location that usually experiences the highest temperature. After a few
minutes, take a reading from the thermometer, and then key the reading into the
configuration menu. In the Web Browser Interface, the temperature is entered
at the System Parameters menu, in the Temperature Calibration field; in the Text
Interface, the temperature is entered in a submenu of the System Parameters menu,
accessed via the Temperature Calibration item. (Default = undefined.)
Log Configuration: Enables and configures the Audit Log, Alarm Log and
Temperature Log. For more information on the RSM-8R4's event logging functions,
please refer to Section 5.3.3. (Default = Audit Log = On without Syslog,
Alarm Log = On without Syslog, Temperature Log = On - Monthly.)
The Audit Log will create a record of all power switching and reboot
activity at the RSM-8R4 unit, including reboots and switching caused by
Load Shedding, Load Shedding Recovery, Ping No Answer Reboots and
Scheduled Reboots.
The Alarm Log will create a record of each instance where an Alarm is
triggered or cleared at the RSM-8R4 unit.
Callback Security: Enables and configures the Callback Security Function as
described in Section 5.3.4. In order for this feature to function, a Callback number
must also be defined for each desired user account as described in Section 5.5.
(Default = On - Callback without Password Prompt, 3 attempts, 30 Minute Delay.)
In the Text Interface, Callback Security Parameters are defined via a submenu
of the Systems Parameters Menu, which is accessed via the Callback
Security item.
In the Web Browser Interface, Callback Security Parameters are defined via a
separate menu, which is accessed by clicking the "Callback Security" link on
the left hand side of the screen.
Front Panel Buttons: This item can be used to disable the reinitialization/default
functions that are normally available via the Clear and Set buttons as described in
Section 2.3. (Default = On.)
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