Basic Configuration
5.1.3. Access Via PDA
In addition to the Web Browser Interface and Text Interface, the RSM-8R4 command
mode can also be accessed by PDA devices. Note however, that due to nature of most
PDAs, only a limited selection of RSM-8R4 operating and status display functions are
available to users who communicate with the unit via PDA.
When the RSM-8R4 is operated via a PDA, only the following functions are available:
Port and Plug Status Screen (Section 8.2)
Plug Group Status Screen (Section 8.3)
Plug Control Screen (Section 9.1.1)
Plug Group Control Screen (Section 9.1.2)
Unit Info (Shows Site I.D. message and firmware version.)
For more information on these functions, please refer to the appropriate section listed
next to each function in the list above.
These screens will allow PDA users to review Plug Status and Plug Group Status,
invoke power switching and reboot commands and display the Site I.D. and firmware
version. Note however, that PDA users are not allowed to change or review RSM-8R4
configuration parameters.
To configure the RSM-8R4 for access via PDA, first consult your IT department for
appropriate settings. Access the RSM-8R4 command mode via the Text Interface or
Web Browser interface as described in this section, then configure the RSM-8R4's
Network Port accordingly, as described in Section 5.9.
In most cases, this configuration will be adequate to allow communication with most
PDAs. Note however, that if you wish to use a BlackBerry® to contact the RSM-8R4,
you must first make certain to configure the BlackBerry to support HTML tables, as
described below:
1. Power on the BlackBerry, and then click on the BlackBerry Internet Browser Icon.
2. Press the Menu button, and then choose "Options."
3. From the Options menu, choose "Browser Configuration," then verify to make
certain that "Support HTML Tables" is checked (enabled.)
4. Press the Menu button, and select "Save Options."
When you have finished communicating with the RSM-8R4 via PDA, it is important to
always close the session using the PDA's menu functions, rather than by simply closing
the browser window, in order to ensure that the RSM-8R4 has completely exited from
command mode, and is not waiting for the inactivity timeout period to elapse. For
example, to close a session on a BlackBerry, press the Menu button and then choose
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