Appendix B. Connecting Devices to the RSM-8R4
This section describes the cables and adapters that are used to connect common
devices to the RSM-8R4's RJ-45 serial ports. For information regarding other WTI cables
and adapters, please refer to the "Serial Cables and Adapters" document, which can be
found on the CDROM included with the RSM-8R4.
B.1. Straight RJ-45 Cables and Rollover RJ-45 Cables
The connection examples described in this section include the use either an RJ-45
Straight cable or an RJ-45 Rollover cable. The difference between the two types of
cables is the way that the pins in the connectors at each end of the cable are linked to
each other.
In Straight Cables the pins on each connector are linked to the same pin number on the
connector at the other end of the cable; for example, Pin 1 on the right hand connector
is linked to Pin 1 on the left hand connector, as shown in Figure B.1 below.
For Rollover Cables, the order of the pins is reversed; Pin 1 on the right hand connector
would be linked to Pin 8 on the left hand connector, as shown in Figure B.2.
WTI RJ-45 Straight cables are available in three different models:
RJX-7-15: 15 Feet Long
RJX-7-25: 25 Feet Long
RJX-7-30: 30 Feet Long
WTI also offers an RJ-45 Rollover cable:
Pin 1
Pin 8
Pin 1
Pin 8
Figure B.1: Straight Cables
Pin 1
Pin 8
Pin 8
Pin 1
Figure B.2: Rollover Cables
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