Command Reference Guide
/TELNET Outbound Telnet
Creates an outbound Telnet connection.
In order for the /TELNET command to function, Outbound Service Access
must be enabled for your user account as described in Section 5.5.
If you have logged in via the Network Port, the /TELNET command will not
Availability: Administrator, SuperUser, User, ViewOnly
Format: /TELNET <ip> [port] [raw] [Enter]
ip Is the target IP address.
port Is an optional argument which can be included to indicate the target port
at the IP address.
raw Is an optional argument which can be included to indicate a raw socket
connection. In order to create a raw socket connection, the command line
must end with the text "raw".
/TEST Test Network Parameters
Displays a menu which is used to test configuration of the Syslog and SNMP Trap
functions and can also be used to invoke a Ping Command. For more information,
please refer to Section 11.2 and Section 12.2.
In order for the ping command to function with domain names, Domain Name
Server parameters must be defined as described in Section 5.9.5.
The Test Menu's Ping command is not effected by the status of the Network
Parameters Menu's Ping Access function.
Availability: Administrator, SuperUser
Format: /TEST [Enter]
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