Getting Started
3.3. Communicating with the RSM-8R4
When properly installed and configured, the RSM-8R4 will allow command mode access
via Telnet, Web Browser, SSH client, modem, or local PC. However, in order to ensure
security, both Telnet and Web Browser access are disabled in the default state. To
enable Telnet and/or Web Browser access, please refer to Section 5.9.2.
Default RSM-8R4 serial port parameters are set as follows: 9600 bps, RTS/
CTS Handshaking, 8 Data Bits, One Stop Bit, No Parity. Although these
parameters can be easily redefined, for this Quick Start procedure, it is
recommended to configure your communications program to accept the
default parameters.
The RSM-8R4 features a default IP Address ( and a default
Subnet Mask ( This allows network access to command
mode, providing that you are contacting the RSM-8R4 from a node on the
same subnet. When attempting to access the RSM-8R4 from a node that is
not on the same subnet, please refer to Section 5.9 for further configuration
1. Access Command Mode: The RSM-8R4 includes two separate user interfaces;
the Text Interface and the Web Browser Interface. The Text Interface is available
via Local PC, SSH Client, Telnet, or Modem and can be used to both configure the
RSM-8R4 and create connections between ports. The Web Browser interface is
only available via TCP/IP network, and can be used to configure the unit, but cannot
create connections between ports.
a) Via Local PC: Start your communications program and then
press [Enter].
b) Via SSH Client: Start your SSH client, enter the default IP address
( for the RSM-8R4 and invoke the connect command.
c) Via Web Browser: Make certain that Web Browser access is enabled as
described in Section 5.9.2. Start your JavaScript enabled Web Browser, enter
the default RSM-8R4 IP address ( in the Web Browser address
bar, and then press [Enter].
d) Via Telnet: Make certain that Telnet access is enabled as described in
Section 5.9.2. Start your Telnet client, and enter the RSM-8R4's default IP
address (
e) Via Modem: Use your communications program to dial the number for the line
connected to the RSM-8R4’s Phone Line port.
2. Username / Password Prompt: A message will be displayed, which prompts you
to enter your username (Login) and password.. The default username is "super"
(all lower case, no quotes), and the default password is also "super". If a valid
username and password are entered, the RSM-8R4 will display either the Main
Menu (Web Browser Interface) or the Port Status Screen (SSH, Telnet, or Modem.)
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