Command Reference Guide
/AC Alarm Configuration Parameters
Displays a menu that is used to configure and enable the Over Temperature Alarms,
Ping-No-Answer Alarm, and the Invalid Access Lockout Alarm. When properly
configured, the Over Temperature Alarms offer the option of "Load Shedding",
which allows the unit to automatically switch Off user-defined, non-essential outlets
when temperature exceeds user-defined values. For more information on Alarm
Configuration, please refer to Section 7.
Availability: Administrator
Format: /AC [Enter]
/I Reboot System (Default)
Reinitializes the RSM-8R4 unit and offers the option to keep user-defined parameters or
reset to default parameters. As described in Sections 5.10.1 and 15.3, the /I command
can also be used to restore the unit to previously saved parameters. When the /I
command is invoked, the unit will offer four reboot options:
Reboot Only (Do NOT default parameters)
Reboot & Default (Keep IP Parameters & SSH Keys; Default all other parameters)
Reboot & Default (Default ALL parameters)
Reboot & Restore Last Known Working Configuration
Restore Last Known Working Configuration
Availability: Administrator
Format: /I [Enter]
/UF Upgrade Firmware
When new versions of the RSM-8R4 firmware become available, this command is used
to update existing firmware as described in Section 16.
Note: When a firmware upgrade is performed, the RSM-8R4 will require 15
minutes for the upgrade procedure.
Availability: Administrator
Format: /UF [Enter]
/CP Copy RS232 Port Parameters
Allows quick set-up when several serial ports will be configured with similar parameters.
When the /CP command is invoked, the RSM-8R4 will display a menu that can be used
to copy parameters to RS232 ports. For more information, please refer to Section 5.8.3.
Note: To proceed with the Copy function after selecting new parameters,
press [Esc]; the RSM-8R4 will then display the confirmation prompt before
Availability: Administrator
Format: /CP [Enter]
Response: Displays Copy Parameters Menu.
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