Command Reference Guide
/E Erase Buffer
Erases data from the buffer for a specified port(s).
SuperUsers and Users are limited to the ports that are specifically allowed by
their accounts
Erased data cannot be recovered.
Availability: Administrator, SuperUser, User
Format: /E[/Y] <x> [x] [Enter]
x Is the number or name of the port buffer(s) to be cleared.
To erase buffers for all ports, enter an asterisk.
/Y (Optional) Suppresses the "SURE? (Y/N)" prompt.
Response: "Are You Sure (y/n)?", if Y, unit responds with "OK".
Example: To clear the buffer for Port 3, access the Command Mode using an account
that provides access to Port 3, and then type /E 3 [Enter].
/BOOT Initiate Boot Cycle
Initiates a boot cycle at the selected plug(s) or Plug Group(s). When a Boot cycle is
performed, the RSM-8R4 will first switch the selected plug(s) Off, then pause for the
user-defined Boot/Sequence Delay Period, then switch the plug(s) back on. The /BOOT
command can also be entered as /BO.
Note: When this command is invoked in Administrator Mode, it can be applied
to all RSM-8R4 plugs and Plug Groups. When this command is invoked in
SuperUser Mode or User Mode, it can only be applied to the plugs and/or Plug
Groups that have been enabled for your account.
Availability: Administrator, SuperUser, User
Format: /BOOT <n>[,Y] [Enter] or /BO <n> [Enter]
n The number or name of the plug(s) or Plug Group(s) that you intend to
boot. To apply the command to several plugs, enter a plus sign (+)
between each plug number. To apply the command to a range of plugs,
enter the numbers for the first and last plugs in the range, separated by a
colon character (:). To apply the command to all plugs allowed by your
account, enter an asterisk character (*).
,Y (Optional) Suppresses the command confirmation prompt.
Assume that your account allows access to Plug 2 and Plug 3. To initiate a boot cycle
at Plugs 2 and 3, without displaying the optional command confirmation prompt, invoke
either of the following command lines:
/BOOT 2+3,Y [Enter] or /BO 2+3,Y [Enter]
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