Command Reference Guide
/J Display Site ID / Unit Information
Displays the user-defined Site I.D. message. If the optional asterisk (*) argument is
included in the command line, the command will also show the model number and
software version for the RSM-8R4 unit.
Availability: Administrator, SuperUser, User, ViewOnly
Format: /J [*] [Enter]
Where * is an optional argument, which can be included in the command line to
display the exact model number and software version of the RSM-8R4 unit.
17.3.2. Control Commands
/X Exit Command Mode
Exits command mode. When issued at the Network Port, also ends the Telnet session.
Note: If the /X command is invoked from within a configuration menu, recently
defined parameters may not be saved. In order to make certain that parameters
are saved, always press the [Esc] key to exit from all configuration menus and
then wait until "Saving Configuration" message has been displayed and the
cursor has returned to the command prompt before issuing the /X command.
Availability: Administrator, SuperUser, User, ViewOnly
Format: /X [Enter]
/C Connect
Establishes a bidirectional connection between two ports. For more information, see
Section 9.3. There are two types of connections:
Resident Connect: If the /C command specifies only one port, your resident port
will be connected to the specified port.
Third Party Connect: If the /C command specifies two ports, the unit will connect
the two ports indicated. Third Party Connections can only be initiated by ports and
accounts that permit Administrator level commands.
If your account does not permit Administrator level commands, you will only
be allowed to connect to ports specifically allowed by that account.
If the account permits Administrator level commands, you are allowed to
connect to any port.
RS232 Ports are not allowed to create a Third Party connection to the
Network Port. For example, Port 1 cannot connect Port 3 to the Network
Availability: Administrator, SuperUser, User
Format: /C <x> [x] [Enter]
Where x is the number or name of the port(s) to be connected.
Response: "Connected xx." When a Resident Connection is initiated, the RSM-8R4 will
also display the Resident Disconnect Sequence.
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