3. Getting Started
This section describes a simplified installation procedure for the RSM-8R4 hardware,
which will allow you to communicate with the unit in order to demonstrate basic features
and check for proper operation.
Note that this Quick Start procedure does not provide a detailed description of unit
configuration, or discuss advanced operating features in detail. For more information,
please refer to the remainder of this User’s Guide
3.1. Apply Power to the RSM-8R4
Refer to the safety precautions listed at the beginning of this User's Guide, and then
connect the unit to an appropriate power source. Connect the power supply cable to
the unit’s power inlet, snap the Cable Keeper into place, and then connect the cable to
an appropriate power supply. Please refer to the table below for information concerning
power requirements and maximum load.
Model No.
Input Feed
Max. Load
RSM-8R4-1 4 100 to 120 VAC 15 Amp 12 Amps*
RSM-8R4-2 4 100 to 240 VAC 10 Amp 10 Amps
* In accordance with UL requirements for branch circuits, this value has been
de-rated to 80%.
When power is applied to the RSM-8R4, the ON LED on the instrument front panel
should light, and the RDY LED should begin to flash within 90 seconds. This indicates
that the unit is ready to receive commands.
3.2. Connect Your PC to the RSM-8R4
The RSM-8R4 can either be controlled by a local PC Serial Port, controlled via modem,
or controlled via TCP/IP network. In order to select parameters, connect ports or control
outlets, commands are issued to the RSM-8R4 via either the Network Port, Modem Port
or Serial Setup Port.
Network Port: Connect the your 10Base-T or 100Base-T network interface to the
RSM-8R4 10/100Base-T Network Port.
Serial Port: Use the supplied Ethernet cable and RJ45 to DB-9 adapter to connect
your PC COM port to Serial Port 1 (the System SetUp Port.) For a description of the
Serial Port Interface, please refer to Appendix A.1.
Modem: Connect your telephone line to the RSM-8R4 Phone Line (Modem) Port.
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