Command Reference Guide
17.2. Command Summary
Function Command Syntax Command Access Level
Admin. SuperUser User ViewOnly
Port and Plug Status /S [Enter] XXXX
Port Diagnostics /SD [Enter] XXXX
Port Parameters (Who) /W [n] [Enter] XX
Plug Group Status /SG [Enter] XXXX
Network Status /SN [Enter] X X X X
Help Menu /H [Enter] XXXX
Log Functions /L [Enter] X X
Site ID / Unit Information /J [*] [Enter] X X X X
Exit Command Mode /X [Enter] X X X X
Connect - Local <Remote> /C <n> [n] [Enter] X X X
Disconnect Ports /D <n|Nn|*> [Enter] X X
Read Buffer /R <n> [Enter] X X X
Erase Buffer(s) /E <n|*> [Enter] X X X
Boot Plug n/BOOT <n>[,Y] [Enter]X X X
Turn Plug n On /ON <n>[,Y] [Enter]X X X
Turn Plug n Off /OFF <n>[,Y] [Enter]X X X
Default All Plugs /DPL[,Y] [Enter]X X X
Send Parameter File /U [Enter] X
Send SSH Keys /K <n> [Enter] X
Unlock Invalid Access /UL [Enter] X
System Parameters /F [Enter] X
Serial Port Parameters /P [Enter] X
Plug Parameters /PL <n> [Enter] X
Plug Group Parameters /G [Enter] X
Network Configuration /N [Enter] X
Reboot Options /RB [Enter] X
Alarm Configuration /AC [Enter] X
Reboot System /I [Enter] X X
Upgrade Firmware /UF [Enter] X
Copy Port Parameters /CP <z> [Enter] X
Test Network Configuration /TEST [Enter] X X
In Administrator and SuperUser modes, all ports and plugs are displayed. In User and ViewOnly modes,
the status screen will only include the ports and plugs allowed by the account.
In Administrator mode, all Plug Groups are displayed. In SuperUser, User and ViewOnly modes, the Plug
Group Status Screen will only include the Plug Groups allowed by the account.
In Administrator Mode, Help Menus will list all commands. In SuperUser, User and ViewOnly modes,
Help Menus will only list the commands allowed by the access level.
The ",Y" argument can be included to suppress the command confirmation prompt.
In SuperUser mode, configuration menus can be displayed, but parameters cannot be changed.
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