17. Command Reference Guide
17.1. Command Conventions
Most commands described in this section conform to the following conventions:
Text Interface: Commands discussed in this section, can only be invoked via the
Text Interface. These commands cannot be invoked via the Web Browser Interface.
Slash Character: Most RSM-8R4 Text Interface commands begin with the Slash
Character (/).
Apply Command to All Ports: When an asterisk is entered as the argument of the
/D (Disconnect) or /E commands (Erase Buffer) the command will be applied to all
ports. For example, to erase all port buffers, type /E * [Enter].
Apply Command to All Plugs: When an asterisk is entered as the argument of
the /ON (Switch Plugs On), /OFF (Switch Plugs Off) or /BOOT (Reboot Plugs)
commands, the command will be applied to all plugs. For example, to reboot all
allowed plugs, type /BOOT * [Enter].
Command Queues: If a switching or reboot command is directed to a plug that
is already being switched by a previous command, then the new command will be
placed into a queue until the plug is ready to receive additional commands.
"Busy" Plugs: If the "Status" column in the Plug Status Screen includes an asterisk,
this means that the plug is currently busy, and is in the process of completing a
previously issued command. If a new command is issued to a busy plug, then the
new command will placed into a queue to be executed later.
Plug Name Wild Card: It is not always necessary to enter the entire plug name.
Plug names can be abbreviated in command lines by entering the first character(s)
of the name followed by an asterisk (*). For example, a plug named "SERVER" can
be specified as "S*". Note however, that this command would also be applied to
any other plug name that begins with an "S".
Suppress Command Confirmation Prompt: When the /ON (Switch Plug
On), /OFF (Switch Plug Off), /BOOT (Reboot Plug) or /DPL (Default All Plugs)
commands are invoked, the ",Y" option can be included to override the Command
Confirmation ("Sure?") prompt. For example, to reboot Plug A4 without displaying
the Sure prompt, type /BOOT A4,Y [Enter].
Connected Ports: When two ports are connected, most RSM commands will not
be recognized by either of the connected ports. The only exception is the Resident
Disconnect Sequence (Default = ^X ([Ctrl] plus [X]).)
Enter Key: Most commands are invoked by pressing [Enter].
Configuration Menus: To exit from a configuration menu, press [Esc]. The only
exception to this rule is the Copy Parameters Menu (/CP), and in that case the
[Esc] key is used to confirm the copy operation.
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