Saving and Restoring Configuration Parameters
15.3. Restoring Previously Saved Parameters
If you make a mistake while configuring the RSM-8R4 unit, and wish to return to the
previously saved parameters, the Text Interface's "Reboot System" command (/I)
offers the option to reinitialize the RSM-8R4 using previously backed up parameters.
This allows you to reset the unit to previously saved parameters, even after you have
changed parameters and saved them.
The RSM-8R4 will automatically backup saved parameters once a day, shortly
after Midnight. This configuration backup file will contain only the most
recently saved RSM-8R4 parameters, and will be overwritten by the next
night's daily backup.
When the /I command is invoked, a submenu will be displayed which
offers several Reboot options. Options 4 and 5 are used to restore the
configuration backup file. The dates shown next to options 4 and 5 indicate
the date that you last changed and saved unit parameters.
If the daily automatic configuration backup has been triggered since the
configuration error was made, and the previously saved configuration has
been overwritten by newer, incorrect parameters, then this function will not
be able to restore the previously saved (correct) parameters.
To restore the previously saved configuration, proceed as follows:
1. Access command move via the Text Interface, using a username/password that
permits access to Administrator level commands (see Section 5.1.1.)
2. At the RSM command prompt, type /I and press [Enter]. The RSM-8R4 will
display a submenu that offers several different reboot options.
3. At the submenu, you may choose either Item 4 (Reboot & Restore Last Known
Working Configuration) or Item 5 (Restore Last Known Working Configuration.) Key
in the number for the desired option, and then press [Enter].
Note: When invoking the /I command to restore configuration parameters,
Item 4 is recommended.
4. The RSM-8R4 will reboot and previously saved parameters will be restored.
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