SNMP Traps
12.2. Testing the SNMP Trap Function
After you have finished setting up the SNMP Trap function, it is recommended to test the
configuration to ensure that it is working correctly. To test configuration of the SNMP
Trap function, proceed as follows:
1. Configure the SNMP Trap function as described in Section 12.1.
2. Access the Text Interface command mode using an account that permits
Administrator or SuperUser level commands, then invoke the "/TEST" command at
the RSM-8R4 command prompt. Note that the /TEST Command is only available in
Administrator and SuperUser Mode.
3. Select Item 1 or 2 to send an SNMP test trap to Manager 1 or 2, respectively. It is
possible that the ARP table will not be properly setup. If this occurs a message
to that effect is displayed and the RSM-8R4 immediately refreshes the ARP table.
Repeat steps 2 and 3 to try again.
For more information on the /TEST command and the Test Menu, please refer to
Section 11.2.
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