Syslog Messages
11.2. Testing Syslog Configuration
After you have configured the RSM-8R4 as described in Section 11.1, the /TEST
command can be used to make certain that the function is properly set up. To test the
Syslog function, access the RSM-8R4 command mode via the Text Interface using an
account that permits Administrator or SuperUser level commands, then type /TEST
and press [Enter] to display the Test Menu shown in Figure 11.1.
When the Syslog Test feature is selected, the RSM-8R4 will attempt to send a test Syslog
message, using the current Syslog configuration. If the test message is not received by
your Syslog Daemon, review the procedure outlined in Section 11.1 to make certain the
RSM-8R4 and the Syslog Daemon are properly configured.
In addition to providing a means to test the Syslog and SNMP Trap features, the Test
Menu also includes a Ping command option, which can be used in a manner similar
to the DOS ping command to check to make certain that the unit is communicating
properly. Note that in order for the Ping command to function with domain names, you
must first configure Domain Name Server parameters as described in Section 5.9.5.
1. SNMP Trap Test Manager 1
2. SNMP Trap Test Manager 2
3. Syslog Test
4. Ping
Enter: #<CR> to select,
<ESC> to exit ...
Figure 11.1: The Test Menu (Text Interface)
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