Telnet & SSH Functions
3. Direct Connect ON - PASSWORD: The Direct Connect feature is enabled at this
port, but a password must be entered before a Direct Connection is established.
a) Upon login, the RSM-8R4 will prompt for a username and password. If a valid
username/password is entered, the RSM-8R4 will return a message which
confirms the connection and lists the name and number of the port (providing
the user account allows access to the target port.)
b) If a valid username / password is not entered in 30 seconds or three attempts,
the port will timeout and disconnect.
If you intend to create "Raw Socket" connections to RSM-8R4 serial ports,
then the "Raw Socket Access" feature must also be enabled at the Network
Port, as described in Section 5.9.2.
If you intend to use SSH to establish direct connections to the RSM-8R4, the
"Direct Connect ON - PASSWORD option must be selected.
If Administrator level commands are disabled at the Network Port, then
accounts that permit Administrator level commands will not be able to initiate
a Direct Connection.
If Administrator level commands are enabled at the Network Port, then
accounts with Administrator level access and accounts without Administrator
level access will both be allowed to establish Direct Connections.
If your user account does not permit access to the target port, the connection
will be refused.
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