9.4. Manual Operation
In addition to the command driven functions available via the Web Browser Interface
and Text Interface, some RSM-8R4 functions can also be controlled manually. For a
summary of front panel control functions, please refer to Section 2.3.
9.5. Logging Out of Command Mode
When you have finished communicating with the RSM-8R4, it is important to always
disconnect using either the "LogOut" link (Web Browser Interface) or the /X command
(Text Interface), rather than by simply closing your browser window or communications
program. When communicating via a PDA, use the PDA's "Close" function to disconnect
and logout.
When you disconnect using the LogOut link or /X command, this ensures that the
RSM-8R4 has completely exited from command mode, and is not waiting for the
inactivity timeout period to elapse before allowing additional connections.
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