9.3.2. Passive Mode
Passive Mode Ports function the same as Any-to-Any Mode Ports, but do not allow
access to command mode. A Passive Mode Port can be connected to other serial
ports, but cannot enter command mode, and therefore cannot define parameters,
display status, or invoke commands to connect ports or control power switching.
The Passive Mode is the default at Serial Ports 3 and above.
Passive Mode Ports can be connected by accessing command mode from a free Any-
to-Any or Modem Mode Port, and invoking the Third Party Connect or Resident Connect
Command as described in Section Passive Mode ports will not buffer data,
except during baud rate conversion.
Note: In order to ensure Administrator level access to important command
functions, the Passive Mode is not available at Port 1 (the Set Up Port) or the
Network Port.
9.3.3. Buffer Mode
The Buffer Mode allows collection of data from various devices without the requirement
that all devices use the same communication parameters. In addition, Buffer Mode
ports can also be configured to support the SYSLOG and SNMP Trap functions, as
described in Sections 11 and 12.
Buffer Mode Ports cannot access command mode.
Buffer Mode is not available to Port 1 (the SetUp Port) or the Network Port. Reading Data from Buffer Mode Ports
To check port buffers for stored data, access command mode via the text interface,
using an account that permits Administrator, SuperUser or User level commands, and
type /S [Enter] to display the Port Status Screen. The "Buffer Count" column in the
Port Status Screen indicates how much data is currently being stored for each port.
To retrieve data from buffer memory, go to a free Any-to-Any or Modem Mode Port, then
issue the /R command using the following format: /R xx [Enter]. Where xx is the
number of the port buffer to be read.
The /R command is not available to ViewOnly level accounts.
In order to read data from a given port, your account must allow access to
that port.
When the /R command is invoked, the counter for the SNMP Trap function
will also be reset.
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