To Connect ports, proceed as follows:
1. Access command mode via the Text Interface.
2. Invoke the /C command to connect the desired ports.
a) Resident Connect: To connect your resident port to another port, type /C xx
[Enter]. Where xx is the number or name of the port you want to connect.
The RSM-8R4 will display the numbers of the connected ports, along with the
command required in order to disconnect the two ports.
Example: To connect your resident port to Port 8, type /C 8 [Enter].
b) Third Party Connect: (Administrator and SuperUser Mode Only) To connect
any two ports (other than your resident port), type /C xx XX [Enter]. Where
xx and XX are two port names or numbers. The RSM-8R4 will display the
numbers of the two connected ports.
Example: To connect Port 5 to Port 6, access command mode at a third
port that permits Administrator level commands (using an account that also
permits Administrator or SuperUser level commands), and invoke the following
command: /C 5 6 [Enter].
Resident Connections: RSM-8R4 serial ports are not allowed to initiate a
Resident Connection to the Network Port.
Third Party Connections: Serial ports are not allowed to connect another
port to the network port. For example, Port 1 is not allowed to connect Port 3
to the Network Port.
When the /C command specifies the port name, it is only necessary to enter enough
letters to differentiate the desired port from other ports. Type an asterisk (*) to represent
the remaining characters in the port name. For example, to connect your resident port
to a port named “SALES”, the connect command can be invoked as /C S*, providing
no other port names begin with the letter “S”.
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