9.2. Controlling Power - Text Interface
When using the Text Interface, all serial port connection and power switching functions
are performed by invoking simple, ASCII commands. ASCII commands are also used
to display status screens and to log out of command mode. The Text Interface includes
a Help Menu, which summarizes all available RSM-8R4 commands. To display the Text
Interface Help Menu (Figure 9.1), type /H and press [Enter].
Note: When the Help Menu is displayed by an account that permits SuperUser,
User or ViewOnly level commands, the screen will not include commands that
are only available to Administrators.
9.2.1. The Port and Plug Status Screen - Text Interface
When you login to the RSM-8R4 command mode via the Text Interface, the first screen
displayed after login is the Port and Plug Status Screen. The Port and Plug Status
Screen lists the current status of the RSM-8R4’s serial ports and switched AC Outlets,
displays the current temperature and displays the user-defined Site I.D. Message. The
Plug Status Screen will be re-displayed each time a command is successfully executed.
COMMAND MENU: Version 1.01
/S Status /F System Parameters
/SD Port Diagnostics /P [n] Port Parameters
/W [n] Port Parameters (Who) /PL Plug Parameters
/SG Plug Group Status /G Plug Grouping Parameters
/SN Network Status /N Network Configuration
/L Log /RB Reboot Options
/J [*] Site ID /AC Alarm Configuration
CONTROL /I Reboot System
/X Exit Command Mode /UF Upgrade Firmware
/C <n> [n] Connect - Local [Remote] /CP <z> Copy Port Parameters
/D <n|Nn|*> Disconnect Port(s) /TEST Test Network Options
/R <n> Read Buffer +------------------------------+
/E <n|*> Erase Buffer(s) | n Plug# or name |
/BOOT <n> Boot Plug n | n:n = plug n through plug n |
/ON <n> Turn on Plug n | n+n = plug n and plug n |
/OFF <n> Turn off Plug n | k Key type (1-3) |
/DPL Default all plugs | * “all” |
/U Send Parameter File | <> Required entry |
/K <k> Send SSH Keys | [] Optional entry |
/UL Unlock (Invalid Access) +------------------------------+
Add ,Y to bypass “Sure?”
Figure 9.1: The Help Menu (Administrator Mode; Text Interface)
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