9. Operation
As discussed in Section 5, the RSM-8R4 offers two separate command interfaces;
the Web Browser Interface and the Text Interface (also known as the "Command Line
Interface" or "CLI.") Both interfaces offer essentially the same command options and
features, and in most cases, parameters defined via the Web Browser Interface will also
apply when communicating via the Text Interface (and vice versa.)
9.1. Controlling Power - Web Browser Interface
When using the Web Browser Interface, switching commands are invoked via the Plug
Control Screen and Plug Group Control Screen.
Note: The Web Browser Interface cannot be used to create or break
connections with the RSM-8R4's serial ports. Serial port connections can be
made or broken via the Text Interface, as described in Section 9.3.
9.1.1. The Plug Control Screen - Web Browser Interface
The Plug Control Screen lists the current On/Off status of the RSM-8R4’s Switched
Outlets and is used to control switching and rebooting of the outlets.
To invoke On, Off, or Reboot commands, proceed as follows:
1. Access the RSM-8R4 Command Mode as described in Section 5.1.
2. Click on the "Plug Control" link on the left hand side of the screen to display the
Plug Control Screen.
When switching and reboot operations are initiated, Boot/Sequence Delay
times will be applied as described in Section 5.7.
If a switching or reboot command is directed to a plug that is already in the
process of being switched or rebooted by a previous command, then the
new command will be placed in a queue until the plug is ready to receive
additional commands.
If the Status column in the Plug Control Screen includes an asterisk, this
means that the corresponding outlet is busy completing a previously invoked
When the Plug Control Screen is displayed by an account that permits
Administrator or SuperUser level commands, all switched outlets will be
When the Plug Control Screen is displayed by an account that permits User
or ViewOnly command access, the screen will only include the switched
outlets that are specifically allowed by the account.
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