The Status Screens
8.4. The Event Logs
8.4.1. The Audit Log
The Audit Log provides a record of most command activity at the RSM-8R4 unit,
including power switching, port connections and disconnections, login and logout
activity. Note however that the Audit Log does not include user information regarding
access to configuration menus or status screens.
To view the Audit Log, access command mode using a password that permits
Administrator or SuperUser level commands and then proceed as follows:
Text Interface: Type /L and press [Enter]. The "Display Logs" menu will be
shown. At the Display Logs menu, type 1 and press [Enter] to display the
Audit Log.
Web Browser Interface: Click on the "Audit Log" link on the left hand side of the
The Audit Log will display the following information for each logged event:
Date: The date when the logged event occurred.
Time: The time that the logged event occurred.
Username: The name of the user account that initiated the logged event.
Description: A brief description of the nature of the logged event.
Note: In the Text Interface, the following commands are also available:
Press [Enter] to display the next screen full of data.
Press [Esc] to exit from the log menu and return to the command prompt.
Type E and press [Enter] to erase the Audit Log.
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