The Status Screens
Mode: The user-defined Port Mode for each serial port.
Buffer Count: The amount of data that is currently stored in the buffer for each
serial port..
Plug Status: The Port and Plug Status Screen in the Text Interface and the Plug
Status Screen in the Web Interface both list the following parameters for the RSM-8R4's
switched outlets:
Plug: The number of each switched outlet.
Note: If an asterisk appears next to the plug number in this column, this
indicates that the plug is "busy", and still in the process of completing a
previous command. This could be a command that was invoked by the current
user or another user, or a switching action that was initiated by an alarm.
Name: The user-defined name for each switched outlet.
Status: The current On/Off status of each switched outlet. If the Status column
includes an asterisk, this means that this outlet is busy completing another
command, that was previously invoked.
Boot Seq. Delay: The user-defined Boot/Sequence Delay for each switched outlet.
Default: The Default On/Off value for each switched outlet.
Priority: The user-defined priority setting for each switched outlet.
System Temperature: The current temperature reading for the RSM-8R4 unit.
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