1. Introduction
WTI’s RSM-8R4 Remote Site Manager + Power Control unit allows secure, remote
monitoring and management of AC powered rack mount equipment via SSL, SSH,
SNMP, web browser, telnet, internal modem or local terminal. The RSM-8R4 allows you
to connect to console ports on rack mounted devices, switch and reboot power, monitor
equipment temperature and can automatically notify you when changes in temperature
or response to ping commands exceeds user-defined threshold values.
The RSM-8R4 features eight serial ports for connection to rack mount devices, four user-
switchable power outlets, an internal modem, and a convenient package of security
and authentication features to provide secure, remote control and monitoring of your
equipment rack.
Security and Co-Location Features:
Secure Shell (SSHv2) encryption and address-specific IP security masks help to prevent
unauthorized access to command and configuration functions.
The RSM-8R4 also provides four different levels of security for user accounts:
Administrator, SuperUser, User and ViewOnly. The Administrator level provides
complete access to all serial port and switched plug functions, status displays and
configuration menus. The SuperUser level allows control of serial ports and plugs, but
does not allow access to configuration functions. The User level allows access to only a
select group of Administrator-defined serial ports and plugs. The ViewOnly level allows
you to check unit status, but does not allow control of serial ports or switched outlets or
access to configuration menus.
The RSM-8R4 includes full Radius, LDAP and TACACS capability, DHCP and an invalid
access lockout feature. An Audit Log records all user access, login and logout times
and command actions, and an Alarm Log records user-defined alarm events.
Environmental Monitoring and Management:
The RSM-8R4 can constantly monitor temperature levels, ping response and other
factors. If the RSM-8R4 detects that user defined thresholds for these values have
been exceeded, the unit can promptly notify you via email, SNMP, or Syslog. When
temperature readings exceed user-defined critical values, the RSM-8R4 can also
intelligently decrease the amount of heat being generated within the rack by temporarily
shutting down nonessential devices; when readings return to acceptable levels, the
RSM-8R4 can restore power to those devices to return to normal operating conditions.
The RSM-8R4 also records temperature readings to a convenient log file.
If you need to switch power to rack mount devices at a specific time of the day or week,
the RSM-8R4 also includes a Scheduled Power Management feature, that allows you to
define a daily or weekly schedule for switching each outlet off or on, or even rebooting
that outlet.
The RSM-8R4 can also notify you when excessive invalid access attempts are detected,
and can automatically lock ports when it determines that an unauthorized user may be
attempting to gain access by "hammering" the unit with random passwords.
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