^ B55 Strip Non-Printable Codes
Conserves memory and cuts polling time by omitting non-printable characters such as NULS,
DELS, and etc.. When enabled, PollCat III will remove most non-printable characters except
<Carriage Return>, <Line Feed>, and the selected EOR character.
Command Options:
^B55,1 Store Non-Printable Characters
^B55,2 Strip Non-Printable Characters (Default)
^ B56 Enable / Disable Data Filter
The Data Filter allows the user to conserve memory and cut polling time by selecting certain
types of call records that will not be stored. For more information, please refer to Section 6.
Command Options:
^B56,1 Disable Data Filter (Default)
^B56,2 Enable Data Filter
^ B57 Enable / Disable XON/XOFF Function
For PBX switches that require flow control, PollCat III can send an XOFF when memory is
98% full and an XON when more data can be accepted.
CAUTION: Some PBX switches may lock up when XON/XOFF is used. Other
PBX switches will not respond to XON/XOFF commands. Consult your PBX
User's Guide before attempting to employ this feature.
Command Options:
^B57,1 Enable XON/XOFF
^B57,2 Disable XON/XOFF (Default)
^ B58 Select Response Message Type
Selects either a verbose or terse response message. Both verbose and terse messages end with
<Carriage Return> <Line Feed>.
Command Options:
^B58,1 Verbose Mode (English Text) (Default)
^B58,2 Terse Mode (Abbreviation)
^ B59 Enable / Disable Line I.D. Option
Instructs PollCat III to insert a six digit Line I.D. number at the beginning of each record. Line
I.D. numbers are not stored in PollCat's memory, but are added when data is released. Each
time data is polled, the first line number will always be 000001.
Command Options:
^B59,1 Disable Line I.D. Number (Default)
^B59,2 Enable Line I.D. Number
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide Command Reference Guide
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