^ B52 Hold "End Data" Message
Instructs PollCat III to hold the "END DATA" message normally sent at the end of Data
Release Mode. When this option is enabled, and Command ^B01,n is invoked (release data in
groups of "n"), the "END DATA" message will be held until a ^B02 is received from the
polling device.
Command Options:
^B52,1 Release END DATA Message (Default)
^B52,2 Hold END DATA Message until command ^B02 is received.
^ B53 Select Compression Mode
This command determines whether data will be released in space compressed format, or
decompressed (normal) format.
The data compression feature cuts the size of records or blocks by replacing blank spaces with
lower case letters which represent the number of spaces that will occur when text is
decompressed. In other words, lower case "a" represents one blank space, lower case "b"
represents two spaces, lower case "c" represents three spaces, and so forth.
Example: Assume the "z" character represents one blank space. A call record that consists of
the text:
would be compressed to read: "123cABCe2002bXYZa7". Later, when text is decompressed,
each lower case letter would be replaced with the appropriate number of blank spaces.
Command Options:
^B53,1 Release Data in Compressed Format
^B53,2 Release Data in Decompressed Format (Default)
^ B54 Release Data With Command ^ B02
Determines how PollCat III will react when Command ^B01,n is invoked to release data in
groups of "N" records or blocks.
When Command ^B01,n is invoked in the default state (^B54,1), the first group of records or
blocks will be released without the need to issue a ^B02 command. After the first group is
released, PollCat III will require a ^B02 to release any subsequent groups.
If Command ^B54,2 (Wait for ^B02) is active, and Command ^B01,n is invoked to release data
in groups of "n" records or blocks, a ^B02 will be required in order to release the first group.
In addition, a ^B02 will also be required to release any subsequent groups.
Command Options:
^B54,1 Release First Group without ^B02 (Default)
^B54,2 Wait for ^B02 Command
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