^ B42 Define Data Filter Parameters
This command is used to define the Data Filter Parameters as described in Section 6.
If the Data Filter Parameters have already been defined, any additional
applications of Command ^B42 may change the existing definition.
If Command ^B42 is invoked without specifying parameters (e.g. ^B42 [Enter]),
previously defined parameters will be erased.
^ B43 Display Data Filter Parameters
Displays the Data Filter Parameters. Type ^B43 [Enter].
^ B44 Define Alarm Filter Format
Defines the Alarm Filter Format as described in Section 7.
CAUTION: When Command ^B44 is invoked, the previously defined Alarm
Filter Format will be erased.
^ B45 Display Alarm Filter Format
Displays the user-defined Alarm Filter Format (with dashes replacing spaces for clarity). Type
^B45 [Enter].
^ B50 Reset Options to Default Settings
Resets options and parameters to default settings. When this command is invoked, PBX Ports
A and B are reset to the baud rate specified by the Set-Up Switches, and the modem is reset to
the highest available baud rate, 8 bits, no parity, one stop bit.
CAUTION: Options, parameters, and filters that have been erased cannot be
restored and must be manually re-defined (unless the configuration has been
saved as described in Section 8).
If the "SURE?" option is enabled (^B75,2), a prompt will appear. Type Yto proceed, or Nto
abort, and press [Enter].
Command Options:
^B50 Reset options and parameters to default state.
^B50,2 Reset options and parameters to default state. Erase Data Filter Format (^B40),
Data Filter Parameters (^B42), Alarm Filter Format (^B44), Alarm Clues
(^B81), and reset Alarm Clue Counters to zero.
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide Command Reference Guide
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