^ B38 Re-Read Memory Test Pattern
Re-reads the test pattern that was loaded and read with Command ^B37. While the test pattern
is being read, additional call data will not be stored. Note that Command ^B37 must be
invoked to load the test pattern before Command ^B38 can be used to re-read the test pattern.
Type ^B38 [Enter].
Note: Although Command ^B37 will both write and test memory, Command ^B38
can be used to read a previously loaded memory pattern without writing to memory
first. This is useful for testing longer term memory retention or testing battery
backed memory after an interruption in power.
^ B39 Clear All Records / Blocks
Erases all stored data, including any records stored behind the memory partition. Command
^B39 includes an option that also allows the user clear all data and reset all Alarm Clue
Counters to zero.
CAUTION: Once call records have been erased, they cannot be restored.
If the XON/XOFF option (^B57,1) is enabled, an XOFF will be sent out the PBX Ports at the
start of the process and an XON will be sent at the end. Any data generated during this time
will not be stored.
If the "SURE?" option is enabled (^B75,2), a prompt will be displayed to allow user
confirmation before the command is completed. Type Yto proceed, or Nto abort, and then
press [Enter].
Command Options:
^B39 Clear all records, leave Alarm Clue Counters intact.
^B39,2 Clear all records and reset Clue Counters to zero.
^ B40 Define Data Filter Format
This command is used to define the Data Filter Format as described in Section 6.
CAUTION: When Command ^B40 is invoked, any previously defined Data
Filter Format will be erased.
^ B41 Display Data Filter Format
Displays the user-defined Data Filter Format (with dashes replacing spaces for clarity). Type
^B41 [Enter].
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide Command Reference Guide
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