2. Unit Description
2.1. Front Panel Indicators
ÀON: Lights when AC Power is applied to the unit.
ÁRDY: Indicates operational status as follows:
Flashes slowly to indicate the unit is operational.
Lights when the PollCat III Command Mode is active.
Remains lit at all times when the Direct Connect Mode is enabled.
ÂRXD: Flashes when commands are received via the Computer Port.
ÃMEM: Indicates internal memory usage.
Flashes when memory is 80% full
Remains lit when memory is 100% full
ÄBAT: Lights when battery needs to be replaced.
ÅALM: Lights when a Toll Fraud Alarm or No-Data Alarm is triggered.
ÆOH: (Off Hook) Lights when modem is off-hook.
ÇDCD: (Data Carrier Detect) Lights when modem detects carrier.
ÈPBX INPUT A: Flashes when data is received by PBX Port A.
ÉPBX INPUT B: Flashes when data is received by PBX Port B.
Please refer to Appendix E for more information on the front panel indicators.
Figure 2.1: Front Panel Indicators
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