^B15 Define No-Data Alarm Parameters
Enables and configures the No-Data Alarm. When enabled, PollCat III will generate an alarm
if no data is received for a user defined period of time. In the default state, the No-Data Alarm
is disabled. No-Data Alarm Parameters can either be defined by a menu driven routine, or
entered in a single command line.
^B15 Menu Driven Parameter Entry:
Type ^B15 [Enter]. The unit will display a series of prompts:
ALARM: Type Y[Enter] to enable and configure the No-Data Alarm, or N[Esc] to disable.
TIMER 1: Amount of time required to generate a No-Data Alarm while Timer One is active
(01 to 99 minutes).
TIMER 2: Amount of time required to generate a No-Data Alarm while Timer Two is active
(01 to 99 minutes).
WEEKDAY 1: Timer 1 Weekday Schedule (HH:MM - HH:MM).
WEEKDAY 2: Timer 2 Weekday Schedule (HH:MM - HH:MM).
WEEKEND 1: Timer 1 Weekend Schedule (HH:MM - HH:MM).
WEEKEND 2: Timer 2 Weekend Schedule (HH:MM - HH:MM).
?: Enter user defined holidays. Will accept up to 20 holidays (mm/dd).
Where, HH Represents Hours (00 through 23), MM Represents Minutes (00 through 59), mm
Represents Month (01 through 12), and dd Represents Date (01 through 31)
To skip a prompt without changing its definition, press [Enter] without entering a
new parameter.
To clear a parameter press [Space] and then [Enter].
To exit the ^B15 prompt routine and save current settings, press [Esc].
^B15 Single Line Parameter Entry
To define all No-Data Alarm Parameters with a single command line, use the following format.
HDAY1,...,HDAY20 [Enter]
Example: To define the following No-Data Alarm Parameters, without changing other
previously defined parameters:
TMR1 =15
WKDAY1 = 09:00-17:00
HDAY1 = 12/25
Command ^B15 would be invoked as follows:
^B15,Y,15,,09:00-17:00,,,,12/25 [Enter]
Note: To skip a parameter that does not need to be changed, enter a comma
without data.
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