^B14 Single Line Parameter Entry:
To define all Callback Parameters with a single ^B14 command line, use the following format.
Example: To define the following Callback Parameters:
CALLBACK# = 555-1111
ALARM# = 555-2222
PAGER_ID#1 = 5553333
PAGER_ID#2 = 5554444
MSG = Test
Command ^B14 would be invoked as follows:
^B14,5551111,5552222,5553333,5554444,,Test,,10 [Enter]
To skip a parameter that does not need to be changed, enter a comma without data
as shown in the example above.
To clear a parameter and return to the default setting, enter a comma followed by
a single space.
When entering Pager I.D. Numbers, punctuation characters such as dashes and
parentheses are not included.
When entering the Callback Number and the Alarm Number, punctuation
characters such as dashes and parentheses may be included.
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide Command Reference Guide
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