^B11 Set Real Time Clock / Calendar
Sets PollCat III's Real Time clock and calendar. Command ^B11 uses the following format.
^B11,hh:mm,d,MM\DD\YY [Enter]
hh:mm is the hour (00 - 23) and minute (00 - 59)
dDay of the week (1 = Sun., 2 = Mon.,3=Tue.,4=Wed., 5 = Thur.,
6 = Fri., 7 = Sat.)
MM\DD\YY Month (01 - 12), Date (01 - 31), and Year (00 - 99)
^B12 Define Callback Schedule
Instructs PollCat III to contact the polling device at a specific time in order to release
accumulated data.
You may schedule up to seven callbacks per week, one for each day of the week.
Daily callbacks specified by Command ^B12 will be performed in addition to any
Immediate Callbacks or 80% Full Callbacks required.
There must be data stored in memory in order for a scheduled callback to occur.
To completely clear the Callback Schedule, type ^B12,* [Enter].
To clear the schedule for a given day, type ^B12,d [Enter] (without a time
value). Where "d" is a number that indicates the desired day.
Command ^B12 uses the following format:
^B12,d,HH:MM [Enter]
dis the Day of the week (1 = Sun., 2 = Mon.,3=Tue.,4=Wed.,
5 = Thur., 6 = Fri., 7 = Sat.)
HH:MM is the Hour (00 - 23) and Minute (00 - 59)
^B13 Send ID / Alarm Message
Sends the Identification Message or Alarm Message defined at command ^B14's "MSG?"
prompt, along with the name of any clue that is in the alarm state, and the status of the counter
for that clue. To send the ID or Alarm Message, type ^B13 [Enter].
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide Command Reference Guide
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