^B04 Define Banner Message / Command String (Cont.)
Report Mode Command String: This command string will be executed when Report Mode is
active (^B87,4), and a Toll Fraud Alarm is generated. The following format is used:
^B04,!command_string [Enter]
An exclamation point (rather than an asterisk or ^B) is used to denote a Report Mode
Command String. Each command is separated by a backslash as shown in the example below.
^B04,!13\20,A\84\09 [Enter]
This Report Mode Command String would send the Alarm Message with clue name and count
(^B13), send the current number of stored Alarm Records (^B20,A), clear the alarm condition
(^B84), and then disconnect (^B09).
The Report Mode Command string should always end with Command ^B09 (Disconnect). This
will prevent PollCat III from being inadvertently left in Command Mode.
^B05 Define End-of-Record Character
Redefines the End-of-Record (EOR) character that PollCat III expects to see at the end of each
call record. The default EOR character is ^J (Line Feed). The command format is as follows.
^B05,character [Enter]
The End-of-Record character must be entered as an uppercase letter (e.g. ^M).
The "^" symbol in the EOR character definition is created by pressing
[Shift][6]. For example, the "^M" character is created by pressing [Shift][6] and
then typing an uppercase M. Do not press [Ctrl] to create this symbol in the
character definition.
^B06 Re-send Last Group of Records
This command is often useful in the event of a transmission error due to line noise during the
previous read. Command ^B06 will only function when ^B01,n is invoked. To re-send a
record or block, type ^B06 [Enter].
^B09 Exit Command Mode (Disconnect/HangUp)
Exits from Command Mode, discontinues connection to PollCat III, and resets the internal
modem. To exit Command Mode and disconnect, type ^B09 [Enter].
Always exit from Command Mode after polling or management tasks are
complete. While Command Mode is active, PollCat III is not able to perform
tasks such as dialing a modem or pager.
If Set-Up Switch 6 is UP (enable Direct Connect mode), PollCat III will return the
COMPLETE message, but will not actually exit Command Mode.
If Set-Up Switch 7 is UP (enable Computer Port Password), the Direct Connect
Mode will be overridden. When the Computer Port Password is enabled,
Command ^B09 will cause the unit to disconnect and the password will still be
required, regardless of the position of Switch 6.
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide Command Reference Guide
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