9.2.4. Example 4: XMODEM Polling
This example illustrates the procedure for polling the unit using ProComm Plus, version 2.01,
running under MSDOS. Although this example shows the procedure for a local PC, connected
via cable directly to PollCat III's Computer Port, the same procedure would also be used when
polling the unit from a remote PC via modem.
1. Enter PollCat III's Command Mode.
2. Set communications parameters for the Computer Port to 8 bits, no parity. Type
^B91,,N,8,1 [Enter].
3. Verify that ProComm is configured for 8 data bits, no parity.
4. Select PollCat III's XMODEM output mode. Type ^B62,4 [Enter]. PollCat III is now
set-up for XMODEM polling.
5. Enter PollCat III's Data Release mode. Type ^B01 [Enter].
6. Set-up ProComm to receive an XMODEM file:
a) Select Download File; press [PgDn].
b) Select XMODEM; type: X.
c) Type a filename and press [Enter].
7. ProComm will now receive PollCat III's records using XMODEM - checksum transfer
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide Polling Accumulated Data
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