Up to 8MB of Battery Backed Memory
Up to 300,000 call records can be securely stored in PollCat III's battery backed memory.
When more memory is required, the 256K and 1MB memory modules can be easily upgraded to
provide additional storage capacity. PollCat III can be supplied or upgraded to provide 256KB,
512KB, 1MB, 2MB, 3MB, 4MB, 5MB, 6MB, 7MB, or 8MB of battery backed memory. In
addition, PollCat III's data compression capabilities can also be used to increase memory
efficiency by up to 60%, without eliminating fields or disrupting data structure.
PollCat II Compatible
PollCat III supports nearly all options and commands available in the PollCat II command set.
This allows PollCat II customers to easily upgrade to PollCat III, without the need for
extensive rewriting of polling software or drastic changes in system configuration. See
Appendix D for more information on PollCat II compatibility.
Modem Based Notification and Communication
PollCat III's internal modem provides a unique selection of notification and communication
capabilities. The modem's principle tasks are unit configuration, remote polling, Toll Fraud
alarm notification, alarm diagnosis, and response.
When a Toll Fraud alarm is triggered, PollCat III can inform you immediately via modem or
pager. Up to three separate pager numbers can be specified for alarm notification. This allows
the user to select different pager numbers for specific types of suspect calls, or select several
pager numbers to be dialed when an alarm is generated.
When PollCat III calls to confirm that an alarm has been triggered, you can then contact
PollCat III via modem, determine the cause of the alarm, and enact preventative measures.
Remote access to PollCat III via modem is password protected for added security.
Disclaimer on Toll Fraud
We do not guarantee that if you use the PollCat III, you will not become a victim of toll fraud.
We provide this device to assist you in minimizing your exposure to such losses. By
monitoring call records as they are received, you can potentially catch calls that should not be
made before they escalate and cost you large sums of money. However, responding to alarms
and determining what is fraud and abuse is still up to you. Western Telematic, Incorporated
assumes no responsibility for any losses due to improper use of this product.
Typographic Conventions
Throughout the manual, typefaces and characters have been used to denote the following:
^(e.g. ^E) Indicates a key combination that is used to invoke a command.
For example, the text "^B" (Control B) indicates that the [Ctrl] key and the
[B] key should be pressed simultaneously.
COURIER FONT Indicates characters typed on the keyboard. For example, ^B16 or ^B00.
[Bold Font] When text is set in bold face and enclosed in square brackets, this indicates
a specific key on the keyboard. For example, [Enter] or [Esc].
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide Introduction
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