6. Issue Command ^B25 to clear all records up to the current memory partition. Note that
Command ^B25 offers the option to clear all records or blocks (^B25), clear only Data
Records or blocks (^B25,D), or clear only Alarm Records or blocks (^B25,A).
a) If the "SURE (Y,N)?" option is disabled (^B75,1), PollCat III's stored data will be
erased immediately.
b) If the "SURE?" option is enabled (^B75,2), a prompt will be displayed. Type Yand
press [Enter] to erase the records from PollCat III's memory, or type Nto abort the
c) If the Binary Block output mode is active (^B62,3), and the Auto Delete Option is
enabled (^B67,2), data will be deleted as soon as it is received by the polling device.
The "SURE?" prompt will not be displayed.
CAUTION: Once records have been erased, they cannot be recovered. Make
certain all desired data has been retrieved before issuing Command ^B25.
7. When you have finished polling the unit, type ^B09 and press [Enter] to exit Command
Mode and discontinue modem connection with PollCat III.
9.2.3. Example 3: Polling Device Connects Directly to PollCat III
Via Computer Port
This method is used when polling is performed by a local PC connected by cable to
PollCat III's Computer Port.
Note: When PollCat III is controlled via the Computer Port (Local Access), the
unit will constantly monitor the DTR line. If the DTR signal is lost, any command
in progress will be aborted, and the port will disconnect. In this case, the DTR line
performs a function, that is comparable to the DCD line at the Modem Port.
1. Enter the Command Mode: Type ^E [Enter]. Note that if Set-Up Switch 6 is set in the
UP position (enable Direct Connect Mode), the Command Mode will always be active,
and the ^E will not be required.
2. If necessary, use the following commands to determine PollCat III's current storage and
memory conditions.
^B20 Send Number of Records/Blocks
^B21 Send Remaining Memory Space
^B73 Send Binary Information Block (Binary Block Mode Only)
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide Polling Accumulated Data
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