9.1.2. Other Polling Options
1. Banner Message: To send the Banner Message (defined under Command ^B04), type
^B03 [Enter].
2. I.D./Alarm Message: To send the I.D./Alarm Message (defined under command ^B14),
type ^B13 [Enter].
3. Remaining Memory Space: To send a message that lists PollCat III's remaining memory,
type ^B21 [Enter].
4. Set-Up Switches: To send a message that lists the current status of the Set-Up Switches,
type ^B24 [Enter].
5. Number of Stored Records: To send a message that lists the number of records in the
current memory partition, invoke Command ^B20. The following options are available:
a) ^B20 [Enter] : Display total count of both Data and Alarm Records or blocks.
b) ^B20,D [Enter] : Display count for Data Records or blocks only.
b) ^B20,A [Enter] : Display count for Alarm Records or blocks only.
6. Binary Information Block: (Binary Block Mode only) To send a binary format
information block which lists the ID/MSG, time/date, reason for callback, blocks used
and bytes free, type ^B73 [Enter].
Responses to all of the above commands (except the Binary Information Block) end with
<Carriage Return>, <Line Feed>.
9.2. Polling
In order for the polling device to retrieve data collected from the PBX, PollCat III must be
contacted and instructed to release data. The three principle methods for polling are as
·Polling Device Calls PollCat III Via Modem.
·PollCat III Calls Polling Device Via Modem.
·Polling Device Connects Directly to PollCat III Via
Computer Port.
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide Polling Accumulated Data
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