1. Introduction
The PollCat III is a highly reliable solid-state PBX data recorder, designed to collect call
records from any system that sends ASCII data via an RS-232 interface. Collected call records
can either be retrieved from a remote location via modem, or by a local PC connected directly
to the PollCat III unit.
PollCat III includes an impressive assortment of features and options that enable the unit to
adapt to almost any data collection application. These features include the following:
High Speed Data Polling
PollCat III supports V.42 bis data compression to allow data rates up to 57.6K baud, assuming
a 14.4K baud modem. PollCat III's internal ISA compatible interface supports modems from
2400 baud through V.34, 28.8K baud. When the unit is polled via a local device connected
directly to its Computer Port, PollCat III will support communication at rates up to 38.4K
Dual PBX Inputs
PollCat III includes two separate PBX input ports. This allows data from two different sources
to be simultaneously recorded, filtered, and monitored for Toll Fraud. Communication
parameters can be set differently for each port, or both ports can use the same parameters.
When the unit is polled, data from both ports can either be combined, or read separately. In
addition, PollCat III's Pass-Through Mode allows the user to communicate directly with the
device connected to either input port, without affecting data storage at the other port.
Toll Fraud Detection
"Toll Fraud" is a relatively new type of criminal activity that can be potentially disastrous for
any business that receives calls through a PBX. In the most common scenario, a hacker gains
access to the PBX and then proceeds to make costly long distance calls at your company's
PollCat III provides a simple, but effective means for detecting Toll Fraud and other forms of
phone abuse. PollCat III monitors data received from your PBX, constantly watching for
indications of suspicious phone activity. When questionable phone activity is detected,
PollCat III can provide notification by pager, modem, or alarm.
PollCat III's "Real-Time" alarm allows you to respond instantly when Toll Fraud hackers
attempt to gain unauthorized access to your PBX. When you know that Toll Fraud is being
attempted, you can then change PBX access codes or configuration, and effectively lock
hackers out before they can do serious damage.
The flexibility of PollCat III's command driven operating system allows the unit to perform a
wide variety of data monitoring functions. PollCat III can be programmed to watch for almost
any type of data, call record, or PBX event. This flexibility also enables PollCat III to readily
conform to many other applications that require data recording, monitoring, and modem based
communication and notification.
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