8. Saving PollCat III Parameters
After PollCat III has been configured, parameters can be saved to an ASCII text file using the
File Mode in ProComm, or another communications program. Later, If the configuration is
accidentally altered or deleted, the saved parameters can be uploaded to automatically
reconfigure the unit without the need to manually enter each parameter.
The ASCII file with the saved parameters can also be uploaded to other PollCat III units. This
allows rapid set-up when a number of units will be configured with the same parameters. The
^B99 command will save the parameters listed in Table 8.1 below.
^B04 Banner Message, Auto-Execute,
or Report Mode Command String
^B05 Define End-of-Record Character
^B12 Callback Schedule
^B14 Callback Parameters
^B15 No-Data Alarm Parameters
^B40 Data Filter Format
^B42 Data Filter Parameters
^B44 Alarm Filter Format
^B52 Hold "END DATA" Message
^B53 Select Compression Mode
^B54 Release Data with ^B02 Command
^B55 Strip Non-printable Codes
^B56 Enable/Disable Data Filter
^B57 Enable/Disable XON/XOFF
^B58 Define Response Message Type
^B59 Enable/Disable Line I.D. Option
^B62 Select Data Release Mode
^B63 Enable/Disable CRC Option
^B64 Enable/Disable Wrap Around
^B65 Enable/Disable Alarm Filter
^B66 Enable/Disable Time/Date Stamp
^B67 Enable/Disable Auto-Delete Option
^B68 Select Duplex Mode
^B69 Enable/Disable Auto-Execute
^B70 Select Callback Options
^B71 Enable/Disable DLE Stuffing
^B75 Enable/Disable "SURE (Y,N)?"
^B77 Define Modem AT Command String
^B79 Re-define Password
^B80 Define ASCII Block Size
^B81 Define Alarm Clues
^B85 Enable/Define Daily Reset
Schedule for Alarm Clue Counters
^B87 Select Alarm Notification Method
^B90 Define Modem Port Communication
^B91 Define Computer Port
Communication Parameters
^B92 Define PBX Port A Communication
^B93 Define PBX Port B Communication
Table 8.1: Parameters Saved By Command ^B99
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