7.4.2. Reviewing Alarm Clue Counter
Status (^B83)
When you receive a message indicating that an Alarm Clue has generated a Toll Fraud Alarm,
you may wish to determine if other clue counters are near the critical point.
1. From the Command Mode, type ^B83 [Enter]. The system will display a listing of all
Alarm Clues, along with their maximum (critical) counter value and current counter
2. An asterisk (*) will appear next to any Alarm Clue whose counter has reached the defined
critical level.
7.4.3. Reset ALM LED and Alarm Port (^B88)
After receiving the alarm and reviewing counter status, you will probably want to turn off the
ALM LED and Alarm Port. This allows notification if additional alarms are generated.
If the Alarm Clue Counters are not reset, each additional call which matches a clue that is
already in the alarm state, will re-trigger the Alarm notification routine.
From the Command Mode, type ^B88,1 [Enter]. This will toggle the ALM LED and Alarm
Port to the "Off" condition.
7.4.4. Displaying Alarm Data (^B01)
The data displayed by Command ^B01 provides an "audit trail", which can give a clearer
picture of the precise nature of the cause of the alarm.
Command ^B01 features a variety of optional arguments that are used to configure the data
release format. Data can be displayed for a specific PBX Port, for all Alarm Clues, for a
specific Alarm Clue, in groups of a set number, or in several other formats. Please refer to
Section 9 for a complete description of Command ^B01.
7.4.5. Clear Alarm Condition (^B84)
Command ^B84 will cancel any pending redials without resetting Alarm Clue Counters or
turning off the ALM LED. In addition, the Alarm Message sent by Command ^B13, will still
include the name of the clue that generated the alarm.
When Command ^B84 is invoked, PollCat III will also start a delay timer, which prevents the
unit from sending another alarm for five minutes.
To clean an alarm condition, enter the Command Mode, and type ^B84 [Enter].
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide The Alarm Filter (Toll Fraud Detection)
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