7.3.6. Pager (Numeric) (^B87,5)
The Pager (Numeric) Mode allows PollCat III to send the Alarm Message to a standard numeric
pager rather than an alphanumeric pager. The ALM LED and Alarm Port are enabled.
To use this mode, your system must include the following:
·An outside phone line connected directly to PollCat III's Modem Port.
·A Standard Numeric Pager.
When this mode is selected, the unit will call the number defined under ^B14's "ALARM#?"
prompt. Since a standard numeric pager will not answer back, the unit will not be able to tell if
the page was successful. Any Redials specified under Command ^B14 will be performed,
whether the initial page was successful or not. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the
number of Redials to a minimum, when the Pager (Numeric) Mode is selected.
When ^B14's "ALARM#?" prompt is used to define a callout number for Pager (Numeric)
mode, the following format
is used:
ALARM#? Pager_Number,,,,,,,Message_Number
Pager_Number is the number for the numeric pager.
,,,,,,, is a series of commas (dialing delays). Each comma provides a two
second dialing delay. This allows the pager service time to answer
before the message number is sent.
Message_Number is the numerical equivalent of an Alarm Message. Since a numeric
pager cannot receive alphabetic characters, a numeric code is entered
to indicate an alarm.
Example: To instruct PollCat III to dial a numeric pager at
555-7777, and wait 10 seconds before sending the Message Number "999", the following would
be entered at ^B14's "ALARM#?" prompt:
ALARM#? 5557777,,,,,999
Note: Each comma provides about two seconds of delay time. Depending on your
pager service, you may wish to increase or decrease the number of commas in order
to extend or reduce the dialing delay.
To select the Pager (Numeric) mode, proceed as follows.
1. Check the Set-Up Switches to make certain Switch 6 is set in the DOWN position.
2. Enter the Command Mode and type ^B87,5 [Enter] to select the Pager (Numeric)
3. If you have not already done so, use Command ^B14's "ALARM#?" prompt to enter the
phone number for the pager, a series of commas, and the Message Number.
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide The Alarm Filter (Toll Fraud Detection)
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