7.3.5. Report (^B87,4)
When the Report Mode is selected, PollCat III will call your remote PC via modem when a Toll
Fraud Alarm is generated. If a Report Command String has been defined (Command ^B04),
the command string will be automatically executed, without the need to enter a password. If
the Report Command String has not been defined, the unit will display the "PollCat III"
message and wait for a password. The ALM LED and Alarm Port are enabled.
To use this mode, your system must include the following:
·An outside phone line connected directly to PollCat III's Modem Port.
·A remote PC connected to a modem.
·A communications program (e.g. ProComm, Crosstalk, etc.) installed and running on the
remote PC.
When a Toll Fraud or No-Data Alarm is generated, PollCat III will notify you by dialing the
number entered at ^B14's "ALARM#?" prompt. The unit will then invoke the Report
Command String (Command ^B14). The unit will not send an Alarm Message, unless
Command ^B13 (Send Alarm Message) is included in the Report Command String.
When selected (^B87,4), the Report mode will function regardless of whether the
"Auto Execute" option (^B69) is enabled or not.
When the Report mode is selected, alarm callouts will not cause the Auto Execute
command string to be executed.
A Report callout does not automatically clear the alarm condition. The Report
Mode Command string should always include the ^B84 (Clear Alarm Condition)
command. This will prevent the PollCat III from calling several times for one
To select the Report mode, proceed as follows:
1. Check the Set-Up Switches to make certain Switch 6 is set in the DOWN position to
disable Direct Connect mode.
2. Enter the Command Mode and type ^B87,4 [Enter] to select the Report mode.
3. If you have not already done so, use Command ^B14 to enter the phone number for the
remote modem (ALARM#). If the Report Command String will include command ^B13
(Send Alarm Message), define the Alarm Message under command ^B14's "MSG"
4. To define a Report Command String, proceed as described in Section 4.5.3.
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide The Alarm Filter (Toll Fraud Detection)
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