7.3.4. Pager (Alpha) (^B87,3)
When Pager (Alpha) is selected, the Alarm Message is sent via modem to an alphanumeric
pager. The ALM LED and Alarm Port are enabled.
To use this mode, your system must include the following:
·An outside phone line connected to PollCat III's Modem Port.
·An alphanumeric pager.
·A pager service that supports TAP (Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol).
When a Toll Fraud or No-Data Alarm is generated, PollCat III will notify you by dialing the
number entered at ^B14's "ALARM#?" prompt. The unit will then use one or more of the three
Pager I.D. numbers defined under Command ^B14. If Pager I.D. Number(s) have not been
specified, PAGER ID#1 will be used. The Alarm Message will be sent to the pager, along with
the clue name and counter status.
To select the Pager Alarm mode, proceed as follows.
1. Check the Set-Up Switches to make certain Switch 6 is set in the DOWN position to
disable Direct Connect mode.
2. Enter the Command Mode and type ^B87,3 [Enter] to select the Pager Alarm mode.
3. If you have not already done so, use Command ^B14 to enter the phone number for the
pager (ALARM#), the pager I.D. number(s) (PAGER ID#1, PAGER ID#2, and PAGER
ID#3) and the Alarm Message (MSG).
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide The Alarm Filter (Toll Fraud Detection)
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