7.2.5. Testing Alarm Clues
It is often helpful to verify that Alarm Clues are properly defined.
1. Use a telephone connected to the PBX to place a test call that matches the characteristics
of one of the Alarm Clues. This call should be detected by PollCat III.
2. From the Command Mode, type ^B00 [Enter] to move the memory partition.
3. Type ^B83 [Enter]. The system will display a listing that shows the status of all Alarm
Clue counters. The counter for the clue being tested should be incremented by one.
4. If the counter does not include the test call, check the following:
a) The clue definition must include at least one variable, at least one operator, and the
appropriate alphanumeric value(s) to describe call characteristics.
b) The Alarm Filter Format must be properly defined to indicate the appropriate field of
the call record.
c) When Alarm Clue Parameters are defined, the format for any alphanumeric value
must match the call records exactly. If the call record shows the extension number as
"099", then the parameter definition must also specify the extension number as "099",
and not “99”.
d) Check the Status Screen (^B16) to make certain the Alarm Filter is enabled. If
necessary, type ^B65,2 to enable the Alarm Filter.
7.2.6. The Daily Reset Timer for the Alarm Clue Counters
The Daily Reset Timer will automatically reset all Alarm Clue Counters to zero at a specific
time each day. The Daily Reset Timer will not function on Saturdays, Sundays, or on any user-
defined holiday specified under Command ^B15.
The PollCat III offers two methods for enabling and configuring the Counter Reset Timer;
Menu Driven and Single Command Line.
^B85 Menu Driven Method:
1. Type ^B85 [Enter]. PollCat III will display a prompt which reads "RESET TIMER
a) To enable the Counter Reset Schedule, type Y[Enter].
b) To disable the Counter Reset Schedule, type N[Enter].
2. If Yis selected, the system will display the current reset time and a prompt which reads
"TIME (HH:MM)?".
a) To select a new reset time, key in the desired time using 24 hour format (Military
Time) and press [Enter].
b) To keep the previously selected reset time and return to Command Mode, press
[Enter] without keying in a new value.
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide The Alarm Filter (Toll Fraud Detection)
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