Example: Given the Alarm Filter Format in Figure 7.3, monitor all long distance calls.
Generate an alarm when the clue counts 200 long distance calls. Assume you have
selected alarm notification by alphanumeric pager, and you want the PollCat III to dial
Pager I.D. numbers 1 and 2. The variable "A" represents the first four digits of the
number dialed.
This clue would be defined as follows:
^B81,LONG_DIST[12]\200\A=1--- [Enter]
LONG_DIST is the Clue Name.
[12] is the Pager I.D. Number Specifier. Instructs PollCat III to dial
PAGER ID#1 and PAGER ID#2 when this clue generates an alarm.
200 is the Critical Count Level.
A=1--- is the parameter definition. Instructs PollCat III to flag and count all
calls to any number that begins with a “1”. The remaining three
positions are defined as wild card characters (dashes).
Note: The clue definition must account for each position in the field being
monitored. The number of characters indicated in the clue definition must match
the number of characters assigned in the format definition.
2. Verify that the clue definition was accepted by the unit. Type ^B83 [Enter]. PollCat III
will display a listing of all Alarm Clues, their defined parameters, and counter status. If
the Alarm Clue you have just defined does not appear in the listing, carefully repeat
Step 1.
3. To define complex Alarm Filter Parameters that use multiple variables, or AND/OR
conditions, please refer to the examples in Appendix A.
4. To delete any or all of the Alarm Clues, proceed as follows:
a) To delete a specific Alarm Clue, type ^B82,clue [Enter]. Where clue is the
defined Clue Name.
b) To delete all defined Alarm Clues, type
^B82,* [Enter].
CAUTION: Alarm Filter Parameters that have been deleted cannot be
recovered, unless the configuration has been saved as described in Section 8.
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide The Alarm Filter (Toll Fraud Detection)
|08:15|IN |040|01:15| |DDD|00.10|
|08:17|OUT|007|00:30|5551234 |DDD|00.10|
|08:21|OUT|005|00:43|19495869950 |DDD|00.15|
Figure 7.3: Example Alarm Filter Format
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