7.2. Alarm Clues
PollCat III will accept approximately 20 Alarm Clues, depending on the length and complexity
of clue definitions. The unit will accept more than 20 clues if definitions are relatively short
and simple, or less than 20 clues when definitions are more complex. Clue definitions can be
up to 232 characters in length.
Prior to defining an Alarm Clue, the following factors must be considered:
·Clue Name: (Up to 16 characters) Clue Names should describe the type of call the clue
will monitor. For example, a clue that monitors long distance calls could be named
"LONG_DIST". Note the following restrictions:
Numerical Values: Clue Names cannot be a number (e.g. "97" or "949area").
Forbidden Characters: Clue Names cannot include the "at sign" (@), commas (,), or
backslashes (\).
^B01 Command Options: Clue Names cannot be "A", "D", "PA", or "PB". These
characters are reserved for use as ^B01 Command Options.
·Pager I.D. Number Specifier: The Pager I.D. number(s) that are dialed when the counter
exceeds the critical level. The specifier can indicate one, two, or three Pager I.D. numbers.
If the specifier is not included, PollCat III will dial Pager I.D. Number 1. This item is only
used when the unit is set up to provide alarm notification via alphanumeric pager.
·Critical Count Level: The number of times this type of call must occur in order to
generate an alarm.
·Call Characteristics: The qualities that allow PollCat III to identify a suspect call. For
example, long distance calls can be easily recognized because they always begin with the
number one. Call characteristics are expressed in the form of an equation, which will
include the following elements:
One or more of the variables from the Alarm Filter Format or one or more Real-Time
variables (Section 7.2.4).
One or more of the operators discussed in Section 7.2.3.
One or more alphanumeric values, which describe the characteristics the clue will
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide The Alarm Filter (Toll Fraud Detection)
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