6.5.2. OR Conditions
An OR condition creates a situation where, if any of two or more expressions are true, the
record will be stored. An OR condition is created by invoking Command ^B42 with each
parameter entered on a separate command line as shown below.
^B42,parameter_1 [Enter]
^B42,parameter_2 [Enter]
... etc.
Each parameter includes a variable and criteria that will be used to determine whether the call
record will be stored or omitted.
Example : Assume variable "A" represents the field for call time, and variable "B" represents
the extension number. If the Data Filter Format is defined as shown in Figure 6.5, and you
want to store call records received or placed before 6:30 pm (18:30), OR calls received or
placed at extension 099, define the Data Filter Parameters as follows:
^B42,A<18:30 [Enter]
^B42,B099 [Enter]
Note the following:
·Each parameter is entered on a separate ^B42 command line.
·The format for any alphanumeric value must exactly match the format found in the PBX
call record.
·Command ^B42 has a cumulative effect. Each time ^B42 is invoked, its associated
parameter is added to the existing Data Filter Parameter definition.
COMMAND: If Command ^B42 is entered without a parameter (e.g. ^B42
[Enter]), all previously defined Data Filter Parameters will be erased.
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide The Data Filter
|08:15|OUT|040|01:15|8531212 |DDD|00.10|
|08:17|OUT|007|00:30|411 |DDD|00.10|
|08:21|OUT|099|00:43|5555555 | | |
Figure 6.5: OR Condition Example
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