6.5. Logical AND/OR Conditions
Logical AND/OR conditions allow PollCat III to monitor a specific call record field for a range
of acceptable values, or monitor several fields simultaneously.
6.5.1. AND Conditions
An AND condition creates a situation where two or more expressions must all be true in order
for the record to be stored. AND conditions are created by invoking Command ^B42 in a
manner where two or more parameters are included in a single command line as shown below.
^B42,parameter_1,parameter_2,... etc.
Where each parameter is separated by a comma, and includes a variable and the criteria that
PollCat III will use to determine whether the call record will be stored or omitted.
Example : Assume variable "A" represents the call time as shown in Figure 6.4. To store only
records for calls received or placed between 8:00 am (08:00) AND 5:00 pm (17:00), type the
^B42,A>08:00,A<17:00 [Enter]
Note the following:
·Each parameter is separated by a comma.
·The format for time values must exactly match the format found in the PBX call records.
If the record shows the time as "08:00", the parameter definition must also specify the time
as "08:00". If the time is specified as "8:00" or "0800", the Data Filter will not function.
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide The Data Filter
|08:15|OUT|040|01:15|8531212 |DDD|00.10|
|08:17|OUT|007|00:30|411 |DDD|00.10|
|08:21|IN |005|00:43| | | |
Figure 6.4: AND Condition Example
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