6.4. Logical and Relational Operators
The following logical and relational operators may be used in the definition of Data Filter
Operator Definition
> Greater Than or Equal To
< Less Than or Equal To
~ Not Equal To
= Wild Card
[Enter] OR
6.4.1. "Equal To" Conditions
In addition to the operators listed above, an "equal to" condition can also be created by
entering the variable along with the desired field contents as shown below.
Example : Assume the variable "B" represents the field that indicates whether the call is
inward or outward bound (Figure 6.3). Given the Data Filter Format shown in Figure 6.3, to
define the Data Filter Parameters to only store records for outward bound calls, type the
^B42,BOUT [Enter]
Where ^B42 is the "Define Data Filter Parameters" Command, and BOUT tells PollCat III to
monitor the position assigned to variable "B", and save records with the text "OUT" in this
PollCat III - Pollable Call Accounting Terminal, User's Guide The Data Filter
|08:15|OUT|040|01:15|8531212 |DDD|00.10|
|08:17|OUT|007|00:30|411 |DDD|00.10|
|08:21|IN |005|00:43| | | |
Figure 6.3: Example of "Equal To" Condition
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